Worm Compost is the Way to Healthy Garden Soil, Naturally!

What if I told you that you could make your garden so healthy with worm compost and its twin, worm tea, that you wouldn't have to use pesticides or chemical fertilizers ever again?

You'd probably say I was crazy. After all, bugs and pests are part of the gardening experience, right?

Yes. If you have sick soil!

That happens through the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can kill off essential soil microbes or the nutrient-rich topsoil has blown or washed away, leaving exposed rocks, clay or hardpan.

Either way, what's left is malnurished and only fit for weeds.

I've been making and using worm compost in my garden for over a decade and have had the healthiest, most productive, pest-free plants from seed-start to harvest.

And you can too!

I want every gardener and would-be gardener to know and experience the tremendous value of this amazing, organic, material made by lowly Red Wiggler composting worms and what they can do for your vegetable garden, lawn, fruit trees or flower beds.

However, to experience that value we have to stop throwing green kitchen scraps down the disposal and tossing old coffee grounds, coffee filters, teabags and even wet paper towels into the garbage.

Those items comprise the ingredients that are digested by Red Wiggler composting worms that love to eat your decomposing throw-aways! And in the process, make a first-class, nutrient-rich soil amendment to grow healthier plants.

Making worm compost at home does not require a lot of space. You can get started using a bucket, tote, old bathtub, or a wooden bin located outdoors or in a garage, basement or apartment balcony; anywhere out of direct sunlight. The combination of containers and locations are only limited by how much worm compost you need to make.

I've created this site not only to encourage you to give worm farming a try, but to give you the confidence to get your hands dirty and, using the compost that YOU made, grow some of our own fresh fruits or veggies as well.

In this uncertain world, wouldn't it be a comfort knowing that some or all of your fresh, frozen or home-canned food items came from your own garden? And growing those items organically without the organic price wouldn't be a bad idea either!

So, come on. Let's roll up our sleeves and learn how to put life back in our soil and health in our plants. .

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Worm Compost Benefits
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About me and my worm compost journey.
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