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My son is doing a gardening merit badge. When is the best time to start up a worm bin? Does the weather have to be warm or can you start it in cooler weather.

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Jan 20, 2012
If You Can Buy Worms,That's the Best Time to Start a Worm Bin
by: Sierra Worm Compost

Starting a worm bin can be done anytime of the year, if it's not too cold to receive the worms. Starting now will mean that your son will be able to harvest the compost in time for spring. Since worms slow down their "eating" and reproducing during the winter months, they won't need to be fed as often and that can be a good thing if you're just beginning.

I'm going to assume that your son will be using a tote of some kind.  These work well as they are very transportable and during the cold months can be kept in a basement, garage or shed which provide protection from rain and cold drafts.  The food in the bin will also provide some warmth due to decomposition.

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