Worm Bin Problems and Solutions

The worm bin is not a static environment, so some worm bin problems are inevitable.

Even the smallest food item may tilt the pH one way or the other and that puts the whole bin out of balance.

It all comes down to carefully monitoring your bin. The smaller it is, the more observant you have to be (as the worms don't have much room to escape if the bin goes into overload).

Below are some of the common problems encountered in worm bins and the solutions to correct them.

Odor Excess moistureAvoid adding a lot of moist foods at once or mix with a dry bulking material(i.e.,dry paper shreds)
Adding wrong foodNo meat, dairy, citrus
OverfeedingFeed worms less
Dead worms or mass exodus Temp extremesKeep bin shaded in summer/protected in winter
Lack of oxygenAdd more air holes in plastic tubs; more carbonaceous material in bin
Too much casting materialHarvest bin on regular basis; no longer than 6 months
Dry binMoisten bedding
Bin too acidicRetrieve as many worms as possible and start bin fresh. Be sure to layer in oyster shell or egg shell flour to balance pH
Fruit flies Generally appear with addition of fresh sugary fruitRemove and add dry leaves/shredded paper mix. Rinse all fruit rinds before adding or freeze fruit waste
Exposed foodCover all feedstock with layer of damp leaves or bedding material
Excess moistureAdd more bedding(4-6" at least)
AntsWorm bin too dryMoisten bed
Potworms Indicates bin is slightly acidicAdd lime (i.e.wood ash)or oyster shell or egg shell flour
MitesToo much bread productsFeed breads sparingly
Escaping wormsAny of the previous problemsRemedies to previous problems
After a rainA gentle brush back into the bin should be sufficient; otherwise, keep lid open and expose the bed to a light source

If you have any questions or another problem not mentioned here, please contact me

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