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This is your place to ask a question about anything having to do with worm composting. From “what kind of worms to use”, to “what plants can benefit from worm tea”, and anything in between, all questions are welcome.

And there's no such thing as a dumb question.

Just need a little reassurance that you're doing things right? No matter how much we might read about worm composting, when it comes time to actually do it, there remains a twinge of doubt that you might have left something out of the equation.

I see you nodding your head. Yes, we've all been there.

If it's a problem you're having, someone else in the world is having it too! So ask away. However, if you don't want the whole world to know, you can get in touch with me

here. This is all about support and helping you be successful and confident in maintaining your worms, making worm compost, and worm tea or the use of them on your plants.

Did you know that you will be creating your own web page when your question is published? So tell your friends to check it out and they can add their comments or ask their own question!

The answers to your questions may help others as well. And pictures are always a good addition in helping to find the answer and solve your problem.

You might even have a solution to a problem that hasn't been asked. Be pro-active. Let's hear it!

I'll try and answer as quickly as I can, but if someone else should stop by and add their comment, that's just fine. The more the merrier.

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Is it necessary to dry out the worm compost?  
I'm unclear about whether it's necessary to dry out worm compost. I have a small bin and can easily use what I'm producing pretty quickly. Can I just …

can grape leaves (dried and crushed) work for bedding?

worm bedding or food 
Paper celluose could it be used for bedding and or be fed to worms (before any chemicals are put on it)Thanks Keith

Storing worm castings 
What is the best way to store worm castings and how long will they be good for?

How Much Water to Add to Bin  
Please tell me how much water to put over the decomposing material in the bin. I believe that this is a must here in South Africa. Thank you so much …

Weeds for bedding 
I don't have newspapper or any of the other bedding materials that you have mentioned. I do have weeds. Lots of weeds. If I run them through the chipper …

Using worm tea on Orchids 
I have several orchids and mainly want my worm tea for use on them, can you give me a more or less amount of dilution of the worm tea. I have been diluting …


How much worm compost can you add to the soil when potting up seedlings?

Worm Bin Heating Up 
I may have accidentally created a hot compost by unknowingly mixing bedding with a bit too much food stock. I still have plenty of worms but I'm wondering …

Drying Worm Compost for Harvesting 
Hi, thanks for a great site! I would love some info on efficient harvesting of castings. I have a huge bin (picture a 50-gallon drum!) and castings are …

Help! There's Worms in My Tea 
I have been getting large amounts of spent (boiled) tea from a tea shop to use for mulch. One big plastic bag of it sat around for a few months and red …

When to Harvest the Worms 
Just bought worms from you and I have a couple of questions. How deep should the cardboard and compost be before we add the worms?  Should we put more …

Where Can Worms Live? 
I live @ 3000 ft. near Yosemite in a forested community. Are red worms, or some other variety, for that matter, OK to be introduced right into the garden …

Can orchids benefit from worm tea or manure 
I will like to know if worm tea or manure are fine for orchids. How can microbes live for a year in the container?

Best Time to Start Worm Bin 
My son is doing a gardening merit badge. When is the best time to start up a worm bin? Does the weather have to be warm or can you start it in cooler weather. …

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