Can orchids benefit from worm tea or manure

by Fernando

I will like to know if worm tea or manure are fine for orchids. How can microbes live for a year in the container?

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Jan 23, 2012
Orchids can also benefit from worm compost
by: Sierra Worm Compost

A: There is no question that worm compost or the tea would be very helpful for your orchids.
You can either add about 20% worm compost to your regular potting mix or just make a tea using the worm compost (1 part compost to 8 parts water). Always use de-chlorinated water such as rainwater or distilled water. To de-chlorinate city water simply let the water sit in an open container for an hour.

To continue the microbe life in the container, water with a diluted tea whenever you water.

I have found an orchid forum and a blog that have additional information about using worm tea.

You will be amazed at the difference worm compost and tea makes on your plants and the flowers they produce.

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