How Much Water to Add to Bin

by Veronica
(South Africa)

Please tell me how much water to put over the decomposing material in the bin. I believe that this is a must here in South Africa.

Thank you so much for doing this site it has helped me understand the process

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Mar 27, 2012
Watering Bin
by: Sierra Worm Compost

The moisture level of all the material added to the worm bin should be on the order of a wrung-out sponge. Not soggy, just moist. If you have a lot of material to moisten, I like to use a separate container (like a wheelbarrow). That way, if I happen to add too much water on the material, it stays in the wheelbarrow rather than getting in the bin.

If it seems a little dry, use a spray bottle to dampen the bin as it will give you more control over the amount of water added. Never pour any water into the bin. If it gets too much water, chances are it will become anaerobic, start to smell and you'll have to dump the whole thing and start over.

To keep the top of the bed from drying out, keeping a piece of dampened cardboard on top of the material may be enough, in addition to keeping the lid on.

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