Weeds for bedding

by Dave
(Acampo CA)

I don't have newspapper or any of the other bedding materials that you have mentioned. I do have weeds. Lots of weeds. If I run them through the chipper and alow them to dry, will this make a usefull bedding.

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Mar 25, 2012
Weeds for Bedding
by: Sierra Worm Compost

Hi Dave,

Your weeds are best saved for feedstock, not bedding.

The bedding layer should be something that's either carbon-based (i.e.,paper product-newsprint, junk mail or cardboard) or mixed with pre-composted or aged manure,preferably horse manure. Rabbit manure is good as it does not have to be pre-composted. I have asked neighbors for their black and white sections of the paper when I ran out and they were most happy to comply. Shredded black and white or lightly-colored junk mail is good too. Black & white pages from old phone books work fine too.

Most grocery or small retail businesses will give you their cardboard boxes which you can cut up and soak; then add for bedding.

The weeds should be used only for feedstock and only if they have been pre-composted to kill all the seeds. Simply pile up the chopped weeds (at 3'x3'), alternating a little bit of regular soil or manure between layers, moisten and cover. It should be turned several times during a 3 week period where the temp should reach to at least 140-150 deg. That range is needed to kill seeds. After that, they can be safely added to the bin for feed.

Hope this has helped. Keep me posted.

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