Worm Bin Heating Up

by Wade

I may have accidentally created a hot compost by unknowingly mixing bedding with a bit too much food stock.

I still have plenty of worms but I'm wondering if I need to restart my worm bin to prevent further damage or can I just monitor it and open it up to keep it from overheating more?

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Feb 21, 2012
Layer, don't pile feed
by: Sierra Worm Compost

It depends on the size of your bin. If you're working in a large outdoor bin and only buried the food in a small area, then there shouldn't be much of a problem(the worms have room to escape the problem area).

If it's in a small tote, you'll need to dig out as much of that food as you can (there most probably will be no worms in there if it's heating up). Just keep monitoring for any possible residual heat.

To prevent "hot spots", only spread the food stock 1" deep.

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